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How much are the hunts?

Contact us for pricing here

Where is the hunt?

It’s inside the Willmore Wilderness Park. There are no motorized vehicles or planes in this region. See details about hunt territory here.

How big are the rams?

Our legal ram is a 4/5 curl ram averaging 160 inches, however, we border Jasper National Park, Rock Lake Provincial Park, we tend to get rams from 180 inches and above.

What is your success rate?

It ranges from year to year from 50% to 100% depending on the hunter’s physical ability, shoot ability and mental toughness.

How long is the hunt?

See information of each of our hunts here.

Can I stay longer than the stated hunt duration?

Yes, you can, for an additional price.  $750 USD/daily

Can I bring someone along?

Yes. It cost $250 USD per day / non-hunter, $750 USD per day/ hunter

Why hunt with us?

Our company was established in 1975 and operates in 1 territory.

  • We aim to offer a trip like NO OTHER! You’re guaranteed to be in good hands with a crew that gives 100% to help you harvest the Bighorn of your dreams.
  • Our crew sets up the horses and places to hunt. Our guides are all very experienced sheep hunters, focused on helping you harvest the ram of a lifetime and ensuring your success. They make sure you have the right gear before riding into the mountains. Our tents and accommodations are as comfortable as they can possibly be in the rugged mountain terrain. We guarantee our 25 horses as “bomb proof” that can take you to the peaks.

Where will you hunt?

Alberta is known for producing exceptional harvests, and our area is no exception. WMU 440 places you right in the middle of the Willmore Wilderness, an area rich with history and animals. The zone is rich with Big Horn Sheep, Grizzlies, Black Bears, Elk, Moose, Goats, Mule deer, and some Whitetails that will take your breath away. Our hunting zone has one of the most stable sheep populations in Alberta. The area borders Jasper National Park and Rock Lake Provincial Park. You cannot hunt in the park but our borderline spans over 40 kilometers across the territory.Hunt the high country in late September for big muley bucks in their bachelor groups. The season continues through the rut, to the end of November. The big bucks have spent much of their time in seclusion and now can be found in the lower foothills as they begin the rutting process.

Starting the last week of October, mule bucks increase their activity as they enter the initial stages of the rut, making scrapes, rubs, etc. This is when you can begin hunting mule deer together on our popular six-day combination hunt. For these hunts, you will take trips from the fully equipped lodge accompanied by our top end

For these hunts, you will take trips from the fully equipped lodge accompanied by our top end guides to your hunting area either via horse or truck, depending on location.

For much of the area, no motorized vehicles are allowed, so access is only on horseback or foot, further limiting hunting pressure and ensuring big trophy mule deer are available year after year. Why hunt with us?

Where will you stay?

All our accommodations are all first class and range from the tent camp style at Wall Tent, through the full comfort at Rock Lake Lodge.

Rock Lake Lodge is a full-service wilderness lodge located in Rock Lake Provincial Park, Alberta.

As we told you, we have something for every type of sheep hunter, young or old. For camping, all camp supplies, hunters, and gear are brought in via horseback, which enables us to supply a very comfortable camp with a good varied menu of camp-cooked meals.

Camp Facilities: Outdoor shower, Mobile network coverage, Solar power.

How to get there?

Navigation guidelines

Please contact us for transfer arrangements.

Nearest Airport: Edmonton International Airport

Distance from airport: 3 hours

Transfer from airport: Yes

Transfer from railway: No

Price Includes

Transport to territory

– Transfer from/to airport
– Guiding by PH
– Field trophy preparation
– Trophy measurement
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner
– Laundry
– Snacks
– Tea/Coffee
– Alcoholic drinks

Price DOES NOT include

– Wildlife Certificate – $55
– Alberta Government tag fee – $306
– Bow hunting permit* – $19
– Meat processing costs
– Shipping, crating and handling of the trophy
– Taxidermy

Terms of Payment

– Deposit: 50% based on tour price
– Deposit deadline: 5 days after booking
– Final payment: 60 days before hunt


All deposits are non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel this contract at any time. If we are unable to participate on the dates chosen, deposits will be refunded. If you are unable to make the hunt for any reason and need to cancel the hunt your deposit will be non-refundable. You may find an alternate hunter to take your place at the full price of the hunt, in which case we will refund 90% of your deposit and retain 10% as an administration fee.


– 100% of trophy price

* If applicable


Exclusive 2,400 square mile area in the heart of the Willmore Wilderness Park. The zone borders Jasper National Park, home to some of the biggest rams in the world.



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Get information here about what is included in the hunt, added options, fees, making payments and more.