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Willmore Outfitters is a business that specializes in quality service. We offer fully guided hunts for Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer.

Ryan is the owner of Willmore Outfitter. Kipp Kelly is the head guide and outfitter inside our sheep camps. Kip has been involved in the Outfitting business for the past 27 years.

Established in 1975, we operate in 1 territory. Willmore Outfitters exclusive 2,400 square mile area lies in the heart of the Willmore Wilderness Park, a zone rich with history and Bighorn Sheep. The area borders Jasper National Park, home to some of the biggest rams in the world. Traditional horseback hunts are arranged for single or multiple species. Always providing a team of experienced guides that give their 100% to help make your dream harvest a success.

Your outfitters, Ryan Kohler and Kipp Kelley, run 3 all-in-one guided hunts per year with 2 hunters for each trip. The hunt is a one on one guided hunt. You will be hunting with your own personal guide and wrangler.

When booking your trip of a lifetime, you need to feel very comfortable with the outfitter and location: guides, food, gear, horses and sheep opportunity.


Owner / Booking Agent

Ryan is Owner of Wild TV Canada’s only hunting and fishing television network. A host of The Edge TV series from 2009 to 2015 airing on Sportsman Channel in the U.S. and since 1995 has been a successful professional archery hunter, harvesting animals from all over the world.
Ryan purchased Willmore Outfitters from Kipp Kelly in 2014 because of his experience hunting in and with many outfitters and various species throughout North America. Ryan’s main territory is close to home, hunting primarily in Alberta Rocky Mountains and around Western Canada.
He has experience in booking big game hunts all over North America. As a bowhunter, he has steadily climbed up the Alberta Bowhunters Association record books with an astonishing number of pope and young animals. Aside from being an expert Edmonton bowzone whitetail hunter. He is a lifetime member of the ABA in Alberta, and a lifetime wild sheep member donating to both causes yearly and much more.
By booking a hunt with Ryan, he guarantees the hunt; good guides, solid horses, and exceptional animals.



Kipp Kelley is a soft-spoken, salt of the earth mountain cowboy. He is the former owner of George Kelley outfitting and has been living in sheep camps since he was 6 years old.
Kipp has hunted the area for the last 27 years and holds an amazing record of 90+ guided sheep kills. Kipp is without a doubt the best sheep guide in our exclusive zone. Given Willmore Outfitters’ partnership with Kipp, there is no better operation — period.
Kipp Kelly runs a clean and efficient hunting camp. His guides and wranglers are all excellent at finding sheep and solely focused on getting you an opportunity to kill.


Exclusive 2,400 square mile area in the heart of the Willmore Wilderness Park. The zone borders Jasper National Park, home to some of the biggest rams in the world.



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Read more information about what is included in the hunt, added options, fees, making payments and more.



Outfitter - President of Wild TV and host of Canadian hunting show The EDGE