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Exclusive 2,400 square mile area in the heart of the Willmore Wilderness Park. The zone borders Jasper National Park, home to some of the biggest rams in the world.




Here you’ll find FAQ and Technical Guides. The content of this page was created directly from our client’s information requests.





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Best Bighorn hunt in Alberta Rockies. 

We offer a guaranteed tag in our exclusive 40 by 60-mile zone. No other outfitters can hunt our area as we hold all six non-resident allocations.

Our seasoned guides have hunted the area for the last 27 years, and will be there 100% to help you harvest the Bighorn of your dreams.

Alberta is known for producing big rams and our area is no exception. Our legal ram is a 4/5 curl ram averaging 150 to 160 inches.


The premier outfitter for guided sheep hunts into Alberta's legendary Willmore area


Owner of Wild TV and host of Canadian hunting show The EDGE


Owner / Booking Agent


Soft-spoken, salt of the earth mountain cowboy.


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Great staff, equipment, horses, and food. Tents were comfortable and the stoves kept us warm when it got cold! First class operation! I got my ram on the 11th day after a couple camp relocations and lots of snow. Everyone worked hard to put me in front of rams. Wonderful overall experience! The Wilmore is beautiful and I got to see a lot of it. Proud to report I made a 428-yard shot. Kip said it was the best ram in 10-years!


Awesome hunt! Nice camp, great food, and spectacular scenery.


Successful hunter 2015

This outdoor experience was of the highest quality imaginable. I have had many conversations with Kipp Kelley over the years including a few with his father. Kipp was recommended to me by others who had experienced the raw splendor of hunting in Northern Alberta. Kipp is an enormously resourceful person who has extraordinary guides. The time spent in camp and out in the field were immensely valuable to me. The area hunted enjoyed the stunning beauty. The guides produced everything I could have asked for. I was constantly amazed by the raw power of the horses. I am grateful for this experience.


Happy Client

I wanted to thank you for a this amazing hunt. My guide Kipp was by far the best guide I have ever had the pleasure of hunting with. Willmore is an amazingly beautiful territory to hunt in with a great number of sheep, I can’t believe how big these Bighorns get! I finally crossed this species of my bucket list and have a great trophy to boot! The horses, camps and trails were all perfect. I enjoyed the hunt very much and will recommend to my friends! Thanks again.


After a few days of scouting, glassing, and stalking, in for less than “ideal” weather conditions, the weather can be unpredictable in Alberta, we were successful in harvesting my beautiful 3/4 curl “trophy ram” during the final minutes of light on the 5th day of the hunt. This was one of the finest overall hunts of my lifetime, having hunted various animal in my 50 years on this earth. The knowledge, expertise, and professionalism exhibited by our guide Kipp was the reason for our ultimate success. If not for his persistence and patience, we would never have come close to achieving my lifetime goal. I would not hesitate for one second to accompany Kipp anywhere, anytime for any big game species that he chooses to pursue.


Just had to send a quick note to you guys out at Willmore Outfitters! I haven't stopped smiling yet. What an awesome experience to be able to head up North to Canada and hunt the famous Alberta Bighorn Sheep! I managed to secure a grand old ram, 10 years old, who lived and died in the world's most gorgeous country. I'm counting the days until my next sheep hunt, but I don't expect it to be in Alberta, adventure calls and I’m off to Mexico next! I can't imagine how I'd top this animal or this experience though. It's time to let another hunter have the opportunity. All the best!


Honestly, your outfitting company runs a first class operation. The staff was dependable, hard working and knowledgable. It was great the have the guides treat myself and my sons as family and show us tips of their trade. We got the bighorn we came for but we leave with much more than just the hunt. We leave with life experiences that can’t be bought. I hope your team has a safe and successful season. This hunt is the real deal and I would recommend to anyone!


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