Willmore Wilderness Foundation

Hunt Rocky Mountain Bighorns in the world famous Willmore Wilderness Park in Alberta, Canada. We offer a guaranteed tag on your 14 day horseback trip in our exclusive 40 by 60 mile zone. No other outfitters can hunt our area as we hold all 6 non-resident allocations.

Our seasoned guides have hunted the area for the last 27 years. You're guaranteed to be in good hands with a crew that gives 100% to help you harvest the Bighorn of your dreams.

Your outfitters, Ryan Kohler and Kipp Kelley, run 3 all-in-one guided hunts per year with 2 hunters each trip. Ryan Kohler is a lifetime member of and longstanding donor to the Wild Sheep Foundation. Owner of Wild TV, Canada's premier hunting and fishing broadcast network, Ryan also hosts The EDGE, now in its sixth season.

Kipp Kelley is the former owner of George Kelley outfitting, and has been living in sheep camps since he was 6 years old. Kipp is without a doubt the best sheep guide in our exclusive zone.

When booking your trip of a lifetime, you need to feel very comfortable with the outfitter and location: guides, food, gear, horses and sheep opportunity. Given Willmore Outfitters' partnership with Kipp, there is no better operation -- period.

Our crew sets up the horses and places to hunt. Our guides are all very experienced sheep hunters, focused on helping you harvest the ram of a lifetime and ensuring your success. In addition to expert guiding, they make sure you have the right gear before riding into the mountains. Our tents and accommodations are as comfortable as they can possibly be in the rugged mountain terrain. We guarantee our 25 horses as "bomb proof" Willmore studs that will take you to the peaks.

Alberta is known for producing big rams and our area is no exception. Wildlife Management Unit 440 places you right in the middle of the Willmore Wilderness, an area rich with history and Bighorn Sheep. The area borders Jasper National Park and Rock Lake Provincial Park. Jasper is home to some of the biggest rams in the world. You cannot hunt in the park but our borderline spans over 40 kilometers across the territory. The zone is rich with Grizzlies, Black Bears, Elk, Moose, Goats, Mule deer, and Whitetails that will take your breath away. Our hunting zone has one of the most stable sheep populations in Alberta.

Our hunts start at the beginning of September and can run to mid-October, depending on booking. Our legal ram is a 3/4 curl ram averaging 160 inches.


Booking a Hunt

  • All hunt costs are in US funds
  • 50% deposit is required upon booking.
  • All deposits are non refundable (see cancellation policy below)
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to hunt date.
  • All prices are subject to applicable federal goods and services taxes
  • Whitetail and Black Bear hunts are subject to a wound fee

Cancellation policy:

WO reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time. If WO is unable to participate on the dates chosen, deposits will be refunded. If you are unable to make the hunt for any reason and need to cancel the hunt your deposit will be non-refundable. You may find an alternate hunter to take your place at the full price of the hunt, in which case WO will refund 90% of your deposit and retain 10% as an administration fee.

Travel Arrangments

  • You will be flying into Edmonton International Airport.
  • Before booking with an airline, please check their policies regarding transportation of antlers, meat and hunting gear.

Entering Canada

You will need a passport to enter Canada. For more border crossing details visit www.bordercrossing.ca. It is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into Canada.

Bringing Firearms into Canada

You will need a firearms declaration form to clear your rifle through customs. There is a $30 payment at the border to process this form. You can complete the online form or download it here: Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

WIN (Wildlife Identification Number)

A WIN number is required to purchase hunting and sport fishing licences in Alberta. Click here to complete the online application. Be sure you give yourself enough time to receive your card before you arrive for your hunt.

Wounding Policy

  • Non-Fatally Hit Rams : A $500 donation fee (U.S.) to the 'Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta Chapter' is required. Donations are strictly non-profit and go back into the resource. This Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta Chapter is about ethics and looking after resources.


  • Non-Fatally Hit Elk: A $500 donation fee (U.S.) to the 'Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation' is required. Donations are strictly non-profit and go back into the resource. This Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is about ethics and looking after resources.